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About us


Benefits of having a serviced office

Renting a premises is a huge expense.
When you lease an office space you cannot pay on a monthly basis, and if your business is simply not doing well in most circumstances you cannot forfeight the agreement as you are usually bound to an agreement ranging from 3-5 years. In addition you will have to purchase all of the necessary communication systems along with the furnishings and decoration the interiors. Here at Nile business centre you can pay on a monthly basis and the minimum contract length can be six months. In addition we do offer furniture free ofcharge if it is available at the time of moving in.

Access to pay-as-you-use facilities

You’ll only have to pay for what you need with Nile business centre’s office space. In addition to the space, services and facilities are also available including copiers, meeting rooms and even staff. This means that if you have a meeting with an important client, you can hire our conference room on a per-hour basis.

No downtime when moving in

Our serviced offices are already set-up and ready to use, significantly reducing moving time. From the second you step into the office it will be ready to use and professionally cleaned before you move in!

Access to high-quality equipment and trained staff

We maintain that our staff and technology are of the highest quality. When you hire equipment or staff from a serviced office, you’re not bound to any contracts and our quality is guaranteed.

Maintenance comes as standard

Time and money spent on maintaining an office can be seen as an unnecessary expense. At Nile Business Centre, this cost is included in the rental fee, allowing you to save money and time hiring cleaners and technicians. Before you pay a deposit for a traditional office space, thoroughly weigh up the pros and cons of committing your business to a long-term agreement. You may find that once you’ve considered all the overheads, a serviced office at Nile business centre you will find works out cheaper.